Potential asbestos contamination halt work at construction sites

As reported by North Devon Journal WORK at two major North Devon construction projects was stopped after soil potentially contaminated with asbestos was transported between the two sites.

Soil imported from the former Fremington Army Camp was suspected to have traces of asbestos. With some of the soil being transported to the nearby Anchorwood Bank development, work was also temporarily halted as a precautionary measure.

Andy Cole, North Devon Council service lead for environmental protection, said he believed there was no “immediate risk” to the public. He said: “We have received reports concerning the presence of asbestos at the Fremington Army Camp site. “As a result, we have carried out detailed investigations and are satisfied that any contaminated material is being dealt with appropriately by the developer.

“We do not believe there is any immediate risk to public health.  This investigation is still ongoing, although again, we are satisfied at this stage that the contractor has put the relevant safeguards in place,” Mr Cole said.