North Cambridge Hospital is part of the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust, facilities
management of this site is provided by Serco Group who approached Green Shield a leading UK asbestos
consultancy to carry out asbestos surveys throughout the site. The surveys required were Asbestos
Management Survey and Re-Inspection Surveys to previously identified ACMs.
The surveys were conducted throughout the site in it’s entirety, encompassing all buildings on the campus
which incorporates a wide variety of wards, outpatient areas, admin blocks, treatment rooms, catering
facilities, boiler rooms etc.

Whilst conducting our survey works on site we identified some areas of high risk where immediate action was
necessary to ensure the safety of all personnel that may need access to these locations. Through effective
communication between the three parties Green Shield were able to provide expert advise to all concerned
and implement a series of next steps to be taken which would ensure that nobody would be exposed to
potentially dangerous fibres.

A plan was put in place to restrict access to these areas and guidance was given to key personnel that would
still need some access to the areas as to appropriate measures including PPE, RPE and any limitations of access
that were necessary. Whilst this plan was in place Green Shield undertook further surveys of a more intrusive
nature and conducted air testing within these areas to ascertain the full extent of any contamination and to
enable further advise as to necessary remedial action that would be required to return the areas in question to
a safe working environment.

The outcome of our work on site has provided a number of easy to read asbestos survey reports which provide
a comprehensive picture of all ACMs on site which can be effectively managed in accordance with CAR 2012.
Green Shield has also provided additional support and advice throughout the process on all asbestos related
matters to ensure a safe environment is maintained along with regulatory compliance.
This project which is still ongoing is a prime example of Green Shield’s ability to deliver services to a
challenging healthcare environment and being able to work in partnership with other stake contractors to
deliver overall project success.