Introducing Asbestos Removal Project Management Services

Green Shield Environmental is delighted to announce that we now provide an independent and impartial Asbestos Removal Project Management Service.  The service covers the entire  process and aims to ensure that your asbestos removal and remediation works are specified, priced, planned and completed correctly and to highest standards whilst ensuring best possible price is achieved for the client.

Our consultants have proven track record in project managing asbestos removal and remedial work, ensuring that the work is carried out in accordance with all current legislation and approved codes of practice. We are highly experienced in designing specifications for removal and procuring the work on behalf of our clients.  The key stages are as follows

1. Writing detailed technical specification

The first stage after identification of ACM through an asbestos survey,  will involve the production of a detailed technical specification to enable the work to be costed based on the same scope by Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractors (LARCs).

2. Managing the tender process including issuing documentation, evaluation and award

To save you time whilst obtaining the best possible price and quality bid, we manage the entire tender or mini tender process covering the activities below:

  • Sending out invitation letters, specifications and standard price sheets.
  • Organising  site visits and escort the LARCs around site during  pre-tender
  • Obtaining quotes from minimum of three carefully selected approved removal contractors. We will ensure all contractors have understood the requirements and are pricing to the same scope.
  • Evaluating the tender submission using consistent and impartial scoring systems and recommend the best bid based on quality and price.
  • Once approved by the client we will notify the successful removal contractors and prepare for the next stages
  • We help select and appoint an experienced UKAS accredited analytical laboratory to carry out all on site air testing for the duration of the works.

3. Managing Removal Projects

Once the contractors have been appointed, we will undertake  the management of the project whilst the LARC and the analytical lab are on site. We will begin with pre-planning and mobilisation, then on-site management of the works through to completion and handover.  This includes:

  • Review of the successful contractor’s Plan of Work submitted to the HSE under the terms of his licence as well as their risk management documentations
  • Checks of the contractor’s documentation required on site including medical certificates, insurance, equipment test certificates and maintenance records, risk assessments, face-fit test certificates for RPE, etc.
  • Carrying out Liaison with client, LARC and the analytical firm appointed to ensure satisfactorily mobilisation of the site work
  • Undertaking Inspections and checks during work to ensure that correct removal procedures are being followed
  • Completing Site audits of the LARC and the Analyst
  • Conducting   Regular review of LARC and Analyst paperwork, as well as ongoing review of key milestones
  • Liaison between the Analyst and LARC representatives as required during the contract
  • Attendantace of pre-start, progress or completion meetings on site
  • Undertaking verification of satisfactory completion and submission of a consolidated final report document of site paperwork

For More information and to discuss your requirements contact us on +44 (0)1438 743003 or via our online contact form .