Non Licensed Asbestos Removal


Non Licensed Asbestos Removal

Non Licensed Asbestos Removal


Green Shield Environmental  have a team of highly trained and experienced operatives that can provide cost effective Non Licensed Asbestos Removal and Carriage services to our clients

Our asbestos removal services includes the following services under certain conditions

  • Cleaning up small quantities of loose/ fine debris containing ACM dust
  • Removal of asbestos cement products, (eg roof sheeting and rainwater goods)
  • Removal of some textured decorative coatings
  • Removing loosely fixed (eg screwed) asbestos insulating board (AIB) panels
  • Removal of an AIB door with asbestos fire proofing
  • Removal of asbestos paper and cardboard products
  • Removal of other materials containing asbestos (such as floor tiles, paints, bitumen, resins, rubber, etc) where the fibres are bound in a matrix

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