Starbucks is the leading global coffee house brand with a large number of stores throughout the UK. The coffee shop chain continues to expand in the UK opening new stores every year as well as refurbishing and
improving existing coffee shops. Prior to any major refurbishment an intrusive asbestos refurbishment survey
is required under the Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR) 2012. This is to ensure asbestos containing
materials (ACMs ) are identified and suitable and sufficient information made available prior to refurbishment
work commencing therefore minimising the risk of disturbing ACMs and maintaining a safe working

Green Shield a leading UK asbestos consultancy was approached by Evolve Architecture a major property
services agency working on behalf of Starbucks to carry out asbestos surveys of both existing and new stores.
Working in partnership with Evolve, Green Shield has delivered refurbishment asbestos surveys and consulting
services to over 160 Starbucks outlets. The work is truly nationwide and stores have been surveyed covering
the length and breadth of the UK from Inverness to Kent.

Effective communication between the three parties has been key to ensuring the smooth running of the
project. The surveys are carried out by a highly experienced and qualified Green Shield team of specialist
surveyors. Due to the nature of the work, the majority of surveys need to be undertaken out of hours
especially late at night and often within limited timescale. At times emergency next day service was provided
to ensure minimum interruption to the scheduled work. Green Shield surveyors often work alongside a
contractor when more destructive inspection is required. Specialist tools are utilised to gain access into the
fabric of the building to ensure All ACMs are identified within the scope of the refurbishment works. Where
applicable areas are made good and are thoroughly cleaned by Green Shield surveyors before any handover.
The outcome of the surveys are easy to read asbestos survey reports that are designed to provide both a
snapshot and detail of the location of ACMs in the premises to the contractors in the most suitable format.

The reports enable effortless scoping and pricing of any resulting asbestos removal should ACM be identified.
The rapid turnaround of survey reports has been imperative to ensuring minimum interruptions to the overall
refurbishment project. Green Shield has also provided support and advice throughout the process on all
asbestos related matters including regulatory compliance.

This project which is still ongoing is a prime example of Green Shield’s ability to deliver services to a national
retail chain and work in partnership with other stake contractors to deliver overall project success.