Roehampton university a public educational establishment situated on three major sites in south west London. Green shield was commissioned by the university to provide asbestos consulting services.
Encompassing survey work across all five campuses of Roehampton University in South West London, this project is a prime example of Green Shields’s ability to provide services for a single educational provider which are appropriate to a range of different locations and settings.
The objective was to identify any shortfall in the client’s level; of compliance with the current asbestos regulation and recommendation action as appropriate.

Our team’s task was to undertake a Management survey of the entire University and assist with establishing an asbestos register. Working directly for the University, we were required to complete all works within a tight timescale, i.e. during summer vacation, when few students or staff were on site
and disruption could be minimized. It was also important to keep our investigations as discreet and as low key as possible.

The locations across the five campuses – Froebel, Whiteland’s, Mount Claire, Digby Stuart and Southlands – included student halls of residence, office and administration premises, lecture rooms and amenities, some of which were relatively new constructions and others of much older vintage and
listed buildings.

Although the age and architecture of the buildings posed different challenges, the project ran smoothly, within budget and was completed on time for the beginning of the academic year. Our team was particularly commended by the client for the way that they kept the clients representatives informed of progress through a single liaison point, and the speed and efficiency with which they communicated any issues requiring attention. The client also praised the politeness of our staff throughout the project.